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New Hokkaido Style vs COVID-19

The safety of our guests and customers is a top priority for SENSYOEN.

In terms of preventing the spread of COVID-19, SENSYOEN will take the following measures to prevent infection.

◆Requirements at the time of reception and room guidance
– We ask our guests to wear face masks and use hand sanitizer.
– We will also take the temperature to all our guests.
– Only one person out of the guest groups is required to line up at the reception desk.
– We ask for your cooperation in maintaining a social distance when you line up at the reception desk.
– We disinfect the ball-point pens at each check-in.
– We have installed a splash-proof film at the front desk counter.
– Room keys are disinfected before use.

◆Lobby and public space management
– We will periodically disinfect areas such as doorknobs, tables, chairs, handrails, elevator buttons, etc.

– We hand over the changes on the tray.
– We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a social distance while standing in line at the reception desk.

◆Soba Restaurant SOBASEN
– Please use a hand sanitizer when entering.
– Please maintain the social distancing when checking out.
– We have installed anti-splash film at the cash register.
– All staff wear facial masks during service.
– Please use a hand sanitizer when leaving.

◆Banquets and Dinners
– Please be seated in social distancing.
– Please be note that we may ask you to limit the number of participants at the reservations.
– Please ensure to use the hand sanitizer when entering the banquet room.
– To reduce the frequency of contact between guests and staff, please understand that we serve food at the same time as much as possible.
– We ventilate the venue as occasions demand; however, please understand that it may be difficult to control the temperature depending on the circumstances.
– Staff wear facial masks while serving guests.

◆Public Baths, saunas, etc.◆
– We regularly sanitize areas such as doorknobs, lockers, faucets, etc.

◆Gift Shop◆
– We have installed splash prevention film at the cash register counter.
– Please use hand sanitizer when visiting the shop.
– Please understand that we stop providing tasting products for the time being.
– Staff wear facial masks when serving customers.

◆In case of sick feeling◆
– Only one staff member will be allowed to respond.
– Guests with sick feelings will wait for assistance in a separate room.
– We serve meals for the guests with sick feelings in the separate room.
– The companions of the guests with sick feeling will wait in the same room.
– We will contact the relevant authorities immediately.
– We will take measures to prevent infections so that our guests can spend their time with peace of mind.

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and understanding for any inconvenience at this time of difficulties.

Manager, Japanese Inn SENSYOEN